WHo we are

Subscura is a performance arts collective comprised of multidisciplinary, female artists. The troupe uses a unique mix of dance, aerial arts, theatrics, and prop manipulation to explore the landscapes of the psyche through a shared journey
between and amongst audience members and performers.

Our Vision

Subscura aims to create performance art that reveals the barriers to awareness and connection that exist within and between us.
Our vision is to offer our audiences and community access to the same relational and creative processes that we use to replenish and inspire ourselves. Each work is created to intentionally evoke the emotions, expressions, and cognitions that were elicited by our own experiences, providing those present the opportunity to be fully immersed and engaged in the work.
We strive to create performances that are bilateral and engaging, resisting passive consumption.

Through exploring the more obscure corners of the human condition, Subscura brings their audiences to confront what is often hidden, avoided, or rejected. It is our belief that this creates space for people to
accept and integrate aspects of the human experience that are typically disowned.