"To watch and be ignited by the work of Subscura is unforgettable."

-Lola Frost, Professional Burlesque Artist, Instructor and Art Model


Emily's passion for art and expression is a constant force in her life, taking priority and becoming her true focus. With several years of performance experience in dance, circus, and theatrics, she has committed to using the body to invent, infuse, inspire, re-wire, confuse, and create. Emily's message is always thought provoking. Challenging the comfortable, questioning everything, shape-shifting and spirit lifting, she delivers a non-conforming experience.



Carly Whitaker-Wilson is a passionate performer, who consistently crafts pieces of art, from songwriting to dance performance.  In 2010, she moved from Kamloops to Vancouver to study the “Triple Threat Program” at Blue Egg Studios, which further developed her knowledge of singing, acting and dancing. In 2014, she co-founded a successful touring dance/theatre company called Subscura in which she choreographed routines, created concepts and performed across Western Canada at venues such as Shambhala Music Festival, Bass Coast Festival The Vogue Theatre, The Commodore Ballroom, The Roundhouse and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Vocally, she has collaborated with numerous Vancouver artists and written and performed her own music on various stages from Vancouver to New York. Carly expresses a fiery passion for every project. Her theatrical abilities allow her to interact and engage with every single audience member, creating memorable experiences for everyone involved. She is fueled by the opportunity to inspire others by creating a sense of connection and unity. She enjoys all aspects of the creative process and is constantly growing as a performer.Her range of character and emotion is compelling and unique. Carly is always willing to share her light with anyone who crosses her path.


Oh hi. I'm Claire. If I were face to face with you, you could expect a smile and a friendly hello, that’s my style. It’s also curious, blunt, and very very loving. My whole life has been interlaced with various experiments in movement, art and dance – I’m an explorer, and thrive on trying new things. I’m fascinated by the macro and micro, by science and spirituality, by the moments where things break or form; I appreciate symmetry most of all, and if not that, then balance. I’m stubborn and fierce and intuitive. I’m the bendy kid in the talent show, the one dancing on an empty floor, the girl drawing in the the tree. I have 25 years of dancing in my 28 year life, and a long list of dance and arts training I could list here, but won’t. Dance, costumes and jewelry making are my passions, and I make all the outfits in Subscura. I am long, limby and soft armed. I struggle with fast twitch muscle control and losing myself. I see you watching me, and I’ve learned to watch you back.


Dance has always been a major part of Stefanie’s life. From ages of 3-19, she practiced classical ballet and modern dance, studying at the School of Alberta Ballet for 10 of those years. But at 19 years old, Stefanie left behind ballet to seek out more liberating forms of movement. For several years, she focused entirely on yoga and became a certified RYT in 2009. Concurrently, she was starting to spend her summers at outdoor electronic music festivals where she discovered freedom, joy and power in dancing that she had never felt before. It was these experiences of free form dancing at festivals that allowed her to truly feel the power of dance as a vehicle for empowerment, transformation and self-expression. While she lived in New York City attending graduate school for Philosophy and Writing, she absorbed herself in the world of dance—from taking in Lincoln Center performances to practicing 5Rhythms Dance with Gabrielle Roth. After focusing solely on her writing career for years, Stefanie is excited to be honoring her passion for dance again and returning to the stage at last.

Collaborating Artists


Dianna David

Erin Walton